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Timesheet is a little application for anyone working in a company that is as obsessive about time reporting as my own, or for anyone who genuinely cares where their time goes to. Timesheet aims to track the time spent on a number of different tasks to the nearest minute, with the ability to exclude scheduled breaks, measured against a standard working week or working fortnight, all with as little recording burden on the user as possible.

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Installation / Usage

User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Future Work

I do intend to support Timesheet, although the next update probably won't be for a while. Below is the list of work I'm planning to do, from most urgent to least urgent. If you need a feature that is not on here, or if you want something bumping up the list, send me an email with a reason why. I cant promise it will get onto the list, but I will read everything sent.

1 Add conduit to extract data to a PC
2 Add task charging numbers as well as names
50 Add "Time spent on current task" summary column

Version History

  • Fixed buglet where note icon does not clear after deleting note
  • Removed maximum limit of 20 clockings per day
  • Recorded data uses smaller files
  • Added Flexi time
  • Added Excess time
  • New 3 click process to create a "standard day" of work
  • Redesigned session form for faster editing without using graffiti
  • Increased max number of tasks to 40
  • Compatible with Treo 600
  • Added ability to export to external card
  • Added new "Summary" export format
  • Added week and 8 week tablular reports viewable in both high and low res.
  • Removed previous Week summary and Week detail reports
  • Added Month summary report
  • Added 3 different graphical reports
  • Added ability to edit days in the future
  • Added ability to Revive Tasks which have been removed
  • Fixed bug reporting PM of a split day when still clocked in
  • Fixed bug where blank week was shown after cancelling a note
  • Rearranged reporting options form
  • Removed "OT hrs" and "OT %" summary columns, but added "Flexi" and "Excess"
  • Ability to delete current session
  • Alert when trying to add new session if day is full
  • Workaround for PalmOS 5.0 bug when changing task order
  • Export to Memo Pad in CSV format
  • Week Summary and Day Detail reports which do not require Hi Res
  • Purge function to remove old database entries
  • Support for Palm 5-Way navigator (as on Tungsten T)
  • Current time displayed at top right of main form
  • Increased max number of tasks to 20
  • Added clock button on Edit Session form to call standard Palm time selector
  • Wrote user manual
  • Fixed bug with switching summary column too quickly
  • Fixed crash bug on PalmOS 3.5 with colour display
  • Initial Release


page last updated: 14 April 2004