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Planet is a cross between an atlas and a world clock, with a few other things such as moon phase and sun position thrown in. Planet was inspired by the clock application on my old Psion 3a. Thanks to Psion for a great product; I still miss their presence in the handheld arena.

At the heart of Planet is a scalable map of the world showing night and day and hundreds of cities from a user customizable database. One of these cities is designated as the home city, and its time and date will always be shown at the bottom left of the screen. Tapping on other cities in the map window will select them to view the local time and date, sunrise and sunset times, and distance from the home city. Planet can also search through its city database in response to a Palm find, as a rapid way of locating cities or countries.

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Installation / Usage

Note that MathLib is a free shared library that can be used by any OS 2.0+ Pilot program that needs IEEE 754 double precision math functions. It's distributed under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License, and is freely available with full source code and documentation at the MathLib Information web page. It's not a part of the Planet program, and you're not paying anything for its use; a copy is simply included in this archive for your convenience.

User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Future Work

I do intend to support Planet, although the next update probably won't be for a while. Below is the list of work I'm planning to do, from most urgent to least urgent. If you need a feature that is not on here, or if you want something bumping up the list, send me an email with a reason why. I cant promise it will get onto the list, but I will read everything sent.

1 Time comparison between cities
2 More calendar info window features
3 Support for Sony/T3 larger screens
50 ARM native code for faster PalmOS 5 graphics

Version History

  • Fixed bug processing registration code
  • Initial Release


page last updated: 11 August 2004