This page is intended as a quick and easy way of finding out what's going on with the software (for the moment at least, Palm OS only) and when its worth you checking back again. Hopefully i'll keep this more up to date than the rest of the site.

The other thing to say is i'm always looking for beta testers; if you would like to help out and get the newest versions ahead of the crowd just drop me an email saying if there is any particular product you're interested in testing or are willing to help with anything.


Just posted a new little utility for synchronizing MemoPad memos with text files on an external card, MemoSync. For the time being this is being released as an open Beta only, and will only be available on this site. It you think it could be useful for you please check it out at and let me know how you get on.

Near Future

Not much planned for the near future except gearing up to eventually switch OS. However, if there is any demand for it, i could finally issue a PalmOS 5.0 compatible version of DB View.

Distant Future

Well the unthinkable has happened: I might be turning to the dark side. A few events have happened in the past couple of weeks:

All these got me thinking: why should i bother learning yet another complete new API for my glorified pocket calculator, when it still doesn't fix basic deficiencies (e.g. no file system, no floating point library) and when i have absolutely no faith in PalmSource to deliver a quality product, to support their developers, or to even be in business in another 3 years time.

Now i'm as anti-Microsoft as the next Palm user, but although i hate to admit it Bill Gates does generally put out some good software nowadays. Its still not the same as my old Psion (i miss those days), but Pocket PCs are at least real computers with professional software, and i wouldn't have to write my own text editor if i needed to type on them. We'll see.


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