5 Nav Launcher operates in two different modes - run and configure. In both modes the main screen is composed of seventeen slots, each of which can be filled with an application to launch. Three different layouts for these slots are available under appearance options.

Toggle between modes by tapping the spanner (aka wrench) icon, selecting 'Toggle Configure Mode' on the 'Options' menu, or pressing the hard key assigned to 5 Nav launcher.

Run Mode

Run Mode is for launching programs. Once one or more slots have been filled, 5 Nav Launcher will always start in Run mode.

By default the screen background will be green while in run mode.

To launch either tap an application on screen or hold down a direction on the five way navigator and release when you get to the application you want. If an idle application has been specified under Behaviour Options it will launch automatically once the idle time has been reached.

Configure Mode

Configure mode is for setting which applications you are able to launch. If no slots are assigned, 5 Nav Launcher will start up in Configure mode.

When in configure mode the screen background is pink and "Configuring" is shown in the top right corner.

Tap a slot to set what will happen when it is activated using the Select Function form.

Selecting a Function

The Select Function form is used to specify what will happen when a slot is activated:

  • None - No action
  • Launcher - Start the standard application launcher (equivalent to tapping the "home" silk screen key)
  • Internal - Start the selected application on internal memory
  • Card 1 - Start the selected application on the first external memory card. This option is only available when an external memory card is installed.
  • Card 2 - Start the selected application on the second external memory card. This option is only available when two external memory cards are installed.
  • Find - With Internal, Card 1, or Card 2 selected this will narrow the list of applications to only those containing the specified characters
  • Display As - 5 Nav Launcher will display any text you enter here instead of the application name. Leave this blank to use the application name.
  • OK - Save the selected function and return to the main form
  • Cancel - Abandon all changes and return to the main form