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Launch up to 18 different applications per hard key all within a couple of seconds using only two button presses. How? With your shiny new Palm 5-Way navigator switch.

Bind 5 Nav Launcher to one of your hard keys, then hold down a direction on the 5 Way navigator to cycle through four applications per direction. Launch a 17th application with the select button, or launch an 18th application if you don't press anything. If you want to launch even more applications you can use additional 5 Nav Launcher "shortcuts", each of which adds another 18 launchable applications.

If you like this software please do me a favour, visit and give it a rating. This program was inspired by Single Button Launcher, thanks to Fraser McCrossan for a great piece of Freeware.


Installation / Usage

User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Future Work

For the moment at least I'm not planning to add any more features into 5 Nav Launcher, but I'll certainly do bug fixes as required. If you do find extra things you want in though send me an email and I may add them to the list of potential future work below.

1 Treo support (if Palm ever updates the Treo API)

Version History

  • Better compatibility with third party utilities
  • PalmOS 5 no longer required for launch from card
  • Launch from external memory card (PalmOS 5 required)
  • Finds best version of each program before launching
  • Optional user defined "Alias" text for each program
  • "push-push-select" mode of moving through applications (for those who struggle with timing)
  • Two new graphical layouts for the main screen
  • Improved function selection form makes it easier to find programs
  • User customisable colour schemes
  • More a/b/c/d etc shortcuts to 5NL
  • All settings are stored independently for each shortcut
  • Added support for multiple hard keys
  • Fixed key repeat glitch
  • Initial Release


page last updated: 23 April 2004