What's in the pipeline?


PieSize - A graphical utility for investigating disk usage [Freeware]

Count Source Lines - A little command line utility for counting the total number of code and comment lines in source files [Freeware]

Palm OS

Planet - Cross between an Atlas and a World Clock [Shareware]

Timesheet - A time recording and reporting application [Freeware]

5 Nav Launcher - Multiple application launcher based around Palm 5 Way Navigator [Freeware]

MemoSync - A tiny utility to synchronize text files between MemoPad and an eternal card [Freeware Beta]

Symbol Finder - A tiny utility to view all the characters in the standard PalmOS fonts [Freeware]

DB View - A utility for viewing the low level content of Palm OS databases in a user defined format [Freeware]


Over the past few years i've written a few C++ applications for the PC and more recently for Palm OS. The ones that i got around to finishing are linked above. Any highlighted applications have been updated in the last month, the deeper the yellow, the more recent the update.

Everything on this site is either freeware or shareware: the applications may be freely distributed and used for non-commercial purposes. I hope that they prove useful but please note that they come with no warranty, either express or implied. All comments and suggestions are very welcome, please email them to software@jsankey.com

I've also recently ditched Geocities and got a proper hosting company. Thankyou Lunarpages, well worth the $8 dollars a month. I'm not yet real confident i've transitioned properly though so if you find any broken links; sorry and please tell me about them.

page last updated: 14 April 2003